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Volunteers take on invasive plant in Abagadasset River

WCSH News Center
 Amanda Hill, Multimedia Producer  Kristin DiCara, Multimedia Producer   September, 2010

BOWDOINHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of volunteers with the "Friends of Merrymeeting Bay" continued their attack on an invasive plant growing along the Abagadasset River in Bowdoinham.
Using the "clip and drip" method, about 12 volunteers clipped the tops off of phragmites, then sprayed herbicide down each individual chute.
It's a tedious process, but it not only keeps the seeds from spreading, it also ensures no other plants are harmed by the herbicide.
Volunteers are hoping to prevent the stand of phragmites from spreading to Merrymeeting Bay.
Once all of the phragmites are treated, volunteers will just have to check in every few years to make sure they aren't growing back.
Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler