2022 - 2023 Zoom Speaker Series

Winter Speaker Series Archive

7:00 PM
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October 12

Forever Chemicals are Everywhere!
Pat Elder, Director, Military Poisons

November 9

Shimmering Shad & Splashing Sturgeon
John Lichter, Prof. Emeritus Biology & Environmental Studies,
Bowdoin College,
and Renske Kerkhofs, International Student, Bowdoin College

December 14

Episode 1: Arrivals
Mauricio Handler, Natural History & Underwater Cinematographer

January 11

Where the Wild Things Were
Will Stolzenburg, Author, & Ed Friedman, FOMB Chair

February 9

Running Silver
John Waldman, Aquatic Conservation Biologist Professor
Queens College, CUNY

March 8

My Life for the Birds & Bats
Al Manville, Senior Wildlife Biologist, USFWS,
Retired Adjutant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

April 12

Agro-Acoustics: Listening to the Sounds of Soil
Louise Roberts, Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Marine Biology,
University of Liverpool, UK

May 10

Order in the Pownalborough Court House, 1761-2023
Jay Robbins, Place-Based Historian

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Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler